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Effective for October 2014- October 2016

Professional Services by Funeral Director and staff entails all professional services that will be rendered by the Funeral Home staff. These services include but are not limited to handling of remains, notary services, managing of floral pieces, attending to the family, handling of any other goods chosen by the families or other third party organizations.

The fee for our basic services and overhead will be added to the total cost of the funeral arrangements you select.

Use of Facilities

  • Use of facilities for Public Viewing                           $175.00
  • Chapel Memorial Services                                      $200.00

Mortuary Vehicles

  • Leading Service Vehicle (Required Always)                $   100.00
  • Family Transport Vehicle (Sedan) (optional)              $   100.00
  • Use of Hearse for Services                                     $     175.00
  • Flower Transport  Vehicle                                      $     100.00   

Mileage Stipulation

  • Transporting remains outside 50 mile radius, a minimum of $2.25 per loaded mile plus a $65.00 pick up fee.

***Any other information needed regarding our additional professional services , please contact our office at (334) 693-2855.